Generate more customers through
Strategic Content powered by Neuroscience.

In the age of connectivity,

businesses have never been so disconnected.

The digital economy has given us endless opportunities to connect – but while incredible, this maze can also be insanely confusing. Businesses so often find their communications missing the mark, hitting a dead end, or getting lost completely. And worst of all, they have no idea why.

In the face of all this change, our ‘tried and true’ communication techniques are no longer cutting it. To make ourselves heard, we need a new approach. An approach that’s as sophisticated, intricate, intelligent
and intuitive as the environment we’re now
living in.

We harness the power
of neuroscience
to create more

By using technology such as FMRI,
EEG and eye-tracking, PXsquared
helps businesses to understand their
customers’ inner thoughts – their
emotions, memory, attention span
and buying triggers. Using this
information, we then create content
that resonates on a whole new level.

Featured In

The Huffington Post has recognised PXsquared as one of Australia’s top brand and content creation agencies.


PXsquared Services

By applying our unique scientific approach, PXsquared elevates
every aspect of your content marketing and brand communications.


Neuro-Content Marketing®

  • Scientifically proven content that activates buying triggers
  • Lead generation funnels based on scientifically predicted consumer behaviors
  • Faster scalability
  • Use neuroscience to increase engagement and loyalty

Brand Strategy

  • Evolve the perception of your brand and products.
  • Use neuroscience to understand the perception of your audience before launch
  • Increase the memory of your brand
  • Maximise brand influence on your target audience

Lead Generation

  • Generate funnels that are specific to target consumer behaviour
  • Automate your digital marketing process
  • Generate usable data on your target audience
  • Track leads through each stage of the sales process

Our Clients

We have had the privilege of producing content and brand strategies for:

“Our ability to conect is the catalist that forms every single meaningful
relationship, whether personal or professional”

Travis Lawson



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