About Us

PXsquared is a Strategic Brand & Content Strategy Agency. We enable the world’s emerging and leading brands to build enduring and sustainable relationships with their audiences. Our mission is to help build stronger, smarter communication channels that lead to brand trust, faster lead generation, increased sales growth and investment opportunities. Through our strategies our clients leave an unforgettable impression in the minds of anyone who comes in contact with their brand.

Unlike traditional marketing, we build our branding and content marketing strategies on Neuroscience.

Our team of Creatives and Neuroscientists work together to provide the ultimate communications experience; which has the highest influence on buying decisions, audience memory and engagement.

We are the world’s first agency to develop a process to incorporate neuromarketing into content marketing, lead generation and communication funnels. This combination is the future of engagement for companies that truly want to maximise results, brand experience and relationships, we call this Neuro-Content Marketing



Managing Director

Over the past 10 years, Travis has had the opportunity to produce content and develop marketing strategies with some of the world’s leading brands.
His goal is to help companies communicate with their target audiences at the highest level of engagement, by inspiring a team of highly specialized strategists, creatives and neuroscientists. He has produced strategies which have generated millions in additional revenue to his client’s bottom line.


Gagandeep Singh

Inbound Marketing + Lead Generation Strategist

Gagandeep has lead the Inbound Marketing teams at companies like Microsoft and Dell. He provides an advanced level of SEO/SEM, Paid Search, and Social Media Management capabilities. He successfully simplifies the lead generation process by building solid funnels through the various channels of engagement. Through his strategic development, we have produced high converting lead generation funnels through various digital mediums.


Christine Melcher

Operations Manager

Christine is an integral asset to the success of PXsquared’s operations. She ensures the communications and assets between our clients and PXsquared run smooth. Over the past 20 years she has helped companies build solid organisational systems, processes and management protocols that allows the maximum output for clients.



Art Director/ Senior UI Designer

Over the past 8 years, working with agencies throughout the world including Paris and Australia, Alex has created great digital experiences for clients and their audiences. As an Art Director, he has successfully designed applications and user interfaces (UI). His team processes required data and user analysis through information architecture (IA), testing, graphic user interface (GUI) design and implementation that has produced high levels of audience engagement.

Trevor Blackstock

Lynette Natasha

Senior Copywriter & Creative Director

Lynette is one of our Senior Copywriters who knows the importance of engagement. Her writing and creative directing takes audiences on a journey that translates and connects audiences to brands. She has worked with several multinational brands as well as small businesses where she has provided her clients results driven content.


Alyson Cunningham

Project Manager

Alyson is a project manager who is able to deliver projects to their completion. She has successfully managed high-profile projects in the financial, commercial and entertainment sectors. Her strength is keeping an eye on navigating the big picture for clients while focusing on the essential milestones.


Max Smiley

Executive Technical Director

Max has had many years of experience in information technology. His role ensures the security of information technology and provides analysis and strategic direction of software and infrastructural technologies.


Trevor Blackstock

Content Marketing Specialist / Account Manager

Over the last 9 years, Trevor developed a deep passion and understand of brand / audience engagement. He has had the opportunities to provide lead and revenue generation strategies for some of the world’s largest brands. Through his course he has been able to help companies identify efficient ways to engage their audiences and influence action.

" Our ability to connect is the catalyst that forms every single relationship,
whether personal or professional. "

– Travis L. Lawson | CEO  &  FOUNDER